Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: Bell Centre
Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: 2009-08-12
Tour Name: Progressive Nation 2009 Tour
Best Show of The Tour So Far
Version: -

Quality: Audience
Format: FLAC
Running Time: 01:48:38
Taper: -
Source: -

1. A Nightmare To Remember
2. A Rite Of Passage
3. Hollow Years
4. Jordan Rudess Mini Solo
5. Prophets Of War
6. The Dance Of Eternity
7. One Last Time
8. Solitary Shell
9. As I Am
10. The Count Of Tuscany (Encore)
11. Bigelf - "Blackball" feat. Mike Portnoy (Bonus)

> At the very end of the show Mike says that this is the best show of the tour so far which is no surprise, given where it takes place.