Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: 2009-12-05
Tour Name: New Zealand / Australia 2009 Tour
Radical Ideas
Version: -

Quality: Audience
Format: FLAC
Running Time: 02:10:35
Taper: -
Source: -

1. Intro
2. A Nightmare To Remember
3. A Rite Of Passage
4. Hollow Years
5. Keyboard Solo
6. Prophets Of War
7. The Mirror/Lie
8. Wither
9. The Dance Of Eternity
10. One Last Time
11. Solitary Shell
12. In The Name Of God
13. The Count Of Tuscany

> Collar mounted mics, standing left of mixing area.
> Big thanks to Mc-Merc for fantastic artwork!
> This one is for our friend Starclassic who had to miss this amazing show due to overseas work commitments.