Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: Prefectural Art Theater
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Date: 2012-04-28
Tour Name: A Dramatic Tour Of Events
Title: -
Version: -

Quality: Audience
Format: FLAC
Running Time: 02:10:27
Taper: -
Source: -

1. Bridges in the Sky
2. 6:00
3. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
4. Surrounded
5. The Root of All Evil
6. Drum Solo
7. A Fortune in Lies
8. Outcry
9. The Silent Man  (Acoustic)
10. Beneath the Surface (Acoustic)
11. On the Backs of Angels
12. War Inside My Head
13. The Test that Stumped Them All
14. The Spirit Carries On (w/ Petrucci and Rudess Intro)
15. Breaking All Illusions
16. Pull Me Under

Audio decente y de audiencia. Ya sabemos como son los japoneses: Silenciosos. La banda en gran forma con Mike Mangini en la bateria. James Labrie se dá el tiempo de hablar entre las canciones de forma pausada y tranquila. Se destacan en el set dos canciones: "The Silent Man" y "Beneath The Surface" e+, en formato acústico.

> Vocals: James LaBrie
> Guitar: John Petrucci
> Keyboards: Jordan Rudess
> Bass: John Myung
> Drums: Mike Mangini