Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: Bell Center
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Date: 2004-08-18
Touir Name: Train Of Thought World Tour
Title: "Train of Turbulence"
Version: -

Quality: Audience
Format: FLAC
Running Time: 01:01:51
Taper: - 
Source: -

1. About To Crash
2. Learning to Live
3. Trial of Tears
4. Stream of Consciousness
5. The Spirit Carries On
6. Solitary Shell / About To Crash (reprise) / Losing Time / Grand Finale

> This is a recording of Dream Theater, opening for Yes, at the Bell Center, in Montreal, QC, on August 18, 2004. Recorded by yours truly, using a Sony Minidisk MZ-N707 and a Sony stereo mike ECM-MS907 set at 90 degr. mode.
> Transfered from the MD through the audio out to the audio input of an iMac and recorded using Sound Studio v2.1.1 for OS-X. The sound was unprocessed in any way and is the original master in its first generation. Concert began at 7:00 P.M. sharp, in front of 6500 fans.
> Even though I was at the far right of the stage and that the Bell center is notorious for reverberation, the highly directional mike gave pretty good results. The sound might be a bit distant at times, and the drums could have been a bit higher in the mix, but overall, it came out quite good.
> I would have offered the Yes concert too, but due to unforeseen events, I was not able to record it. Long story. :-( [Roddenbery (Robert in Montreal)]