Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: Orpheum Theater
Location: Boston, MA, US 
Date: 2017-11-15
Tour Name: Images, Words And Beyond 25th Anniversary
Title: -
Source: -

Quality: Audience
Format: FLAC
Running Time: 02:43:38
Taper: -
Source: Sony ECM PC62 > Mic Plugged Directly Into Tascam DR-05 > 24/96 Wave > Audacity > Track Splitting and conversion to 16/44.1 > TLH > Flac8 > you!

Act 1
1. Intro/The Dark Eternal Night
2. The Bigger Picture
3. Hell's Kitchen
4. To Live Forever
5. Portrait of Tracy (Myung bass solo)
6. As I Am
7. Breaking All Illusions
Act 2: Images and Words
1. Happy New Year 1992 - Intro Tape/Pull Me Under
2. Another Day
3. Take the Time
4. Surrounded
5. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper (Features extended Mangini drum solo)
6. Under a Glass Moon
7. Wait for Sleep (Features extended Rudess keyboard solo)
8. Learning to Live
9. A Change of Seasons: I The Crimson Sunrise
10. A Change of Seasons: II Innocence
11. A Change of Seasons: III Carpe Diem
12. A Change of Seasons: IV The Darkest of Winters/A Change of Seasons:   V Another World
13. A Change of Seasons: VI The Inevitable Summer
14. A Change of Seasons: VII The Crimson Sunset