Artist: Metallica
Venue: -
Location: -
Date: 1993-xx-xx
Tour Name: -
The Apocalypse
Version: -

Quality: Soundboard
Format: FLAC
Running Time: 01:08:35 + 01:10:25 + 01:10:55
Source: -

Ron's Garage March 1982
1. Hit The Lights
2. Sucking My Love
3. Am I Evil?
4. The Prince
5. Jump In The Fire (These sessions also included: Helpless and a Riff Tapenot included in this set)
Power Metal Demos
6. Hit The Lights
7. The Mechanix
8. Motorbreath
9. Jump In The Fire
No Life `Til Leather demos
10. Hit The Lights
11. The Mechanix
12. Motorbreath
13. Jump In The Fire
14. Seek And Destroy
15. Metal Militia (Track 16, Phantom Lord, is listed on the box but missithe cd)
1. Killing Time - '82 demo
2. Let It Loose - '82 demo
The MegaForce Demos
3. Whiplash
4. No Remorse
Master of Puppets demos (1985)
5. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)  (Vocals Short)
6. Disposable Heroes
7. Battery (incorrect; actually an alternate Disposable demo)
8. Welcome Home (incorrect; this is the Battery instrum demo)
9. Orion (actually: Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Instrume Orion)
...And Justice For All demo
10. One
11. Frayed Ends of Sanity
12. Eye of the Beholder
13. Blackened (There is a demo for every song on Justice, plus a few Alternate takes)
1. Stone Cold Crazy (Single taken from the Rubaiyat Box Set)
Black Album demo
2. Sad But True
3. Holier Than Thou
4. Enter Sandman
5. Nothing Else Matters (All of the released demos are on this disc, the rest are on tracks 7, 10 & 16)
6. You And Me (Megadeth demo, re-titled: `Last Rites: Loved To Deth')
7. The Unforgiven (demo)
8. Rock Me (Megadeth demo, re-titled: `The Skull Beneath The Skin')
9. The Wait (same as Garage Days Re-Revisited)
10. Wherever I May Roam  (demo)
11. Last Caress (same as Garage Days Re-Revisited)
12. Green Hell (same as Garage Days Re-Revisited)
Jason Newsted's Side Project `IR8'
13. Colossus
14. Nothing
15. Black On Black
16. Nothing Else Matters (elevator version)