Artist: Metallica
Venue: Monsters Of Rock Festival @ Donington Park
Location: Castle Donington, England, UK
Date: 1995-08-26
Tour Name: Escape From Studio '95
Title: -
Version: 5 Cam Mix / LeperMessiah26

Quality: Audience
Format: DVD5
Running Time: 01:05:34 + 01:25:43
Taper: -
Source: -
System: PAL
Chapters: Yes
Menu: Yes

1. Ecstasy Of Gold
2. Breadfan
3. Master of Puppets (SBD Audio)
4. Wherever I May Roam (SBD Audio)
5. The God That Failed
6. Fade To Black
7. 2X4
8. Kill / Ride Medley
9. For Whom The Bell Tolls
10. Devils Dance
11. Jams
1. Creeping Death
2. Sanitarium
3. Harvester Of Sorrow (SBD Audio)
4. Remember Tommorow Jam
5. The Unforgiven Jam
6. Nothing Else Matters (SBD Audio)
7. Sad But True (SBD Audio)
8. One (SBD Audio)
9. Last Caress
10. Seek And Destroy
11. Enter Sandman
12. So What!

> Very cool cam mix using all the best available sources. Some video sources look great, while others are less desirable. The mixing itself was done really well with nice transitions.