Artist: Metallica
Venue: Roseland Ballroom
Location: New York City, NY, US
Date: 1998-11-24
Tour Name: Garage Barrage Tour
Title: New York, New York, US
Version: Sabkisscrue / Damage Inc.

Quality: Pro-shot
Format: DVD5
Running Time: 00:50:54 + 00:51:32
Taper: -
Source: 1st Gen vhs > JVC HRS-9800U S-VHS Deck (TBC/DNR Turned ON, Audio set to HI FI) > AR Pro II Series S-Video Cable >
Toshiba DR-4 (For frame synchronization and black Level correction),
AR Pro II Series S-Video Cable > Audio wires from vcr > Sony TR-740 Digital8 Camera
(TBC/DNR Turned ON, for further temporal filtering) > firewire > JVC DRM-100 DVD Recorder > 2 DVD-R in XP Mode with LPCM
System: NTSC
Chapters: Yes
Menu: Yes

1. Creeping Death Jam
2. Die Die My Darling
3. Blitzkrieg
4. Small Hours
5. The Prince
6. Sabbra Cadabra
7. Whiskey In The Jar
8. Stone Cold Crazy
9. Mercyful Fate
1.Turn The Page
2. Am I Evil?
3. So What!!
4. ....And Justice For All Jam
5. Killing Time
6. The Wait
7. Last Caress/Green Hell
8. Breadfan
9. Overkill