Artist: Metallica
Venue: Club Hipico
Location: Santiago, Chile
Date: 2010-01-26
Tour Name: World Magnetic Tour
Title: Santiago Magnetic
Version: Metal_Javier / Unforgiv3n82

Quality: Audience
Format: DVD5
Running Time: 00:47:00 + 00:56:45 + 00:23:28
Taper: Metal_Javier
Source: -
System: NTSC
Chapters: Yes
Menu: Yes

1. The Ecstasy of Gold
2. Creeping Death
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
4. The Four Horsemen
5. Harvester Of Sorrow
6. Fade To Black
7. That Was Just Your Life
8. The End Of The Line
1. Sad But True
2. Broken, Beat and Scarred
3. Cyanide
4. One
5. Master Of Puppets
6. Fight Fire With Fire
7. Nothing Else Matters
8. Enter Sandman
1. Blitzkrieg
2. Whiplash
3. Seek and Destroy

Video from the leftt side, only one camera. Sometimes a little shaking and lost focus. Help a lot the soundboard audio with the video. Well done.

Video desde el lado izquierdo, sólo una camara. A veces algo movido en la toma y pierde el foco. Ayuda mucho el audio de la mesa de sonido junto con la toma en video. Buen trabajo.