Artist: Muse
Venue: Carter-Finley Stadium
Location: Raleigh, NC, US
Date: 2009-10-03
Tour Name: The Resistance
Title: A Wolfpack Howl at a 360 Degree Supermassive Black Hole
Version: donkyFliP - 24-bit

Quality: Audience
Format: FLAC
Running Time:
Taper: donkyFliP
Source: Sony ECM-909 -(mic)-> Edirol-R09HR -(24/48)-> SanDisk SDHC 8GB --> USB --> Audition -(create tracks)-> Flac Frontend -(FLAC 8)

1. Introduction
2. Uprising
3. Map of the Problematique
4. Supermasive Black Hole
5. Hysteria
6. Undisclosed Desires
7. Unnatural Selection
8. Starlight
9. Our Time is Running Out