1. I just do online trading, make a upload for a server (mega.co.nz) in the internet and then trade the links.

2. The trading are always in a 1:1 ration.

1 DVD5 (4,7GB) for 1 DVD5 (4,7GB).

For DVD-DL (Dual Layer) (8,5GB), or is in the ration of 1 DVD-DL for 1 DVD-DL or 2 DVD5 for 1 DVD-DL.

For Bluray, 1 Bluray for 1 Bluray or 7 DVD5 for 1 Bluray.

3. If the trader contact me first, and its our first trading, you have to send first, no exception. If we have done a trade before, we can combine both to send together.